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About us

Who We Are ?

Established in the USA, Sunny Trading and Contracting, LLC was founded to invest in the buliding materials sector. The company entered the market of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) through Sunny Trading and Contracting Co. and Sunny Advanced Industries. With a modern factory in Badr City, east of Cairo, the company is geared to grow in this vast merket by closely addressing market and conumers needs. 

Our Vision.

As the building material market is constantly developing, new products are invented every day to make people happy, offer new features, save on costs and also protect nature. Over the years, natural resources like wood and steel are becoming scarce and alternative materials are rising options. Through research, development, and application of best practice, Sunny posed to become the market leader in supplying latest innovations and best quality of Windows and Beyond. We will grow and prosper only by acknowledging that our customers deserve the best in every respect and that our duty is to inform them with the best available products worldwoide.

Our Mission.

Sunny Co. was founded to improve the life style of its customers by focusing on home improvement and related building materials.  Serving a population that adores homes and strives to make the best of them, we are passionate for everything from windows and beyond. We work hard to offer our customers latest innovation at affordable prices; exert great efforts to inspire our customers with new products available in the market and highlight the several advantages they offer. Traditional concepts are not our game, rather we only opt for new solutions.  Satisfaction for all stakeholders is our goal; i.e. customers, employees and shareholders. To make our customers happy we must host satisfied employees and address shareholders’ expectations.